Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Krung Thep is never just about Songkran.

Back in the days when AirAsia was a very small airline, in 2001 I still remember, I made my first trip to Bangkok.. That opened up an myriad of international flying.. But that was then..

Only 18 years old, Bangkok excites the gay in me.. Fast forward 14 years and 16 Bangkok trips later, I am still excited over Bangkok, a short trip is always welcomed.. I am not sure if I would want, or even survive a longer stay..

My last Bangkok trip was in Oct 2013, so when my buddies and I decided we should go Bangkok together, I jumped at the thought, and quickly we were making plans and off we went last weekend..

They flew from Singapore while I flew from Kuala Lumpur.. Friends from across the Causeway, divided by the distance but never the friendship..

I bought my flight on Thai Airways on the lowest fare basis - apparently only for online booking - on 24 July and back on 27 July.. TG420 from KL to Bangkok was operated by an Airbus A320 featuring "premium economy" and economy seats..

Only because the A320 is a 3-3 config, the "premium economy" seats functions like a business class seat would, only that the middle of the 3 abreast is kept vacant.. And the passengers enjoy full business class privileges..

No - I didn't fly business.. I booked the cheapest restricted ticket.. Haha.. but with the complimentary seat assignment, I assigned my own seat to be the first economy row, just behind the "premium" seats..

Flight 420 depart KL at 0805am. I was already in KLIA at 5.30am.. But it was delayed a little because the runway was congested..

Row 34, right after "premium economy" seats

Boxed breakfast set 

Neatly arranged. All in cardboard boxed with plastic cutleries.

Descending into Bangkok - the city centre skyline seen in the horizon

Near Survanabhumi Airport

Landed in Bangok about 9.30am local time.. I straightaway headed out and bought DTAC simcard at THB299 for 7 days with 1.5GB data and hopped on to the public cab right away..

Traffic along the Bangna Tract Road was heavy heading into Bangkok on a very hot and bright Friday morning.. I was sweating in the cab.. The journey took about 1.5 hours and when I arrived at Quad Suites, my friends have already checked-in USING my name ON my behalf.. I was amazed how they did it and how the hotel could allowed that.. But they didn't collect any payment as I was the one responsible to pay as my credit card was held in guarantee..

Quad Suites Silom

Living room


Bedroom 1 

Toilet 1

Bedroom 2

Toilet 2

Quad Suites was our stay for 2 nights - a 2 bedroom serviced apartment just at Chong Nonsi BTS, conveniently located and with some restaurants and a local food court, 7-11 and McDonald's around it, Dean & Deluca opposite it and some others.. Fitness First Sathorn Square is just across the road..

The suite comes with a living room and a fully equipped kitchen, with 2 bathrooms and one of it with a bathtub.. with an occupancy of 4, only 2 key cards were given, and I was not happy the video intercom wasn't working as we tried to unlock the door from the suite.. The intercom kept dialling but in the suite, there was no response..

On the 3rd night, I moved next door to Holiday Inn Express Sathorn.. Always have been delighted by an IHG property, I made the right decision to stay there.. Holiday Inn Express Sathorn is really a gem, fabulous staff so much so I remembered a few names.. Nice cosy room and all the better it comes with breakfast and on the such dirt cheap rate as a privileged travel agent..

Holiday Inn Express Sathorn facade

You can choose to take out your breakfast

No. The guy in the back is not breakfast. 

I await my return flight Thai Airways Flight 419 to Kuala Lumpur on Monday, also on the same A320.. I took the aisle seat, leaving the middle seat vacant while a hot muscular Thai boy occupies the window seat.. I only managed to snap a photo of him from behind..

Managed to check-in my bags at the very minute before it's closed. 

Muscular Thai boy

Dinner box set

More or less the same.. sandwich again..

In the next few days, I will write more in details of the trip, covering Pla Tong Mookata, Babylon Foam Party, DJ Station and my Amazing Race to the airport, and how I ran through the terminal, custom and immigration to the gate in half an hour.

Come back soon :)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Malaysia 2016 Long Weekends

To see the larger image and the dates, go to: 2016 is an amazing year to travel. Here's why!

It's about time to start planning your 2016 holidays!

The long weekends calendar is out, there's up to 12 long weekends (if you happen to work in Kedah), or between 10-11 long weekends for all other states including Federal Territory.. this is for national and state public holidays.. then you have your annual leaves.. and the normal weekends of course..

On the same note, AirAsia is resuming flying direct to Maldives, being the only Malaysian airline to do so direct from Kuala Lumpur.. couple that up with Club Med Kani/Club Med Finolhu, your Maldives holidays is now cheaper than you think!

Malaysia Airlines have already (almost, I understand) completed their chopping board, which routes that has been trimmed or changes can be seen at Malaysia Airlines Rebrands.

With this guide, I am postponing my Europe trip probably to summer or autumn of 2016, but Hari Raya seems to give the longest holidays, at the time when Europe is at the hottest.. as summer ends, flight tickets to Europe will start picking up as people head back after the summer holidays.. so I am kinda torn actually... Sept might be a good time, right?

So where are you going next year?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Travel is the only expenses I never regret spending

In life, one cannot run away from the big ticket items spending.. It can be a house, a car, gadgets, travels and what nots..

I am not a gadget person.. In fact, I am contended with whatever works.. I don't need the latest phone or the latest tablet.. I don't need the most fancy car, one that suffice in doing what it needs to do with the least amount of upkeep (if I stay within Klang Valley in the entire month, my fuel consumption is only an average of 100 litres.. or 2 tanks' worth.) but enough for me to not even consider a local brand for it's infamous problems and milo tin quality..

When it comes to travel, I pay for the experience.. I don't just become a tourist (of course I still do touristy stuff), I go to a place and I experience life..

Nudity permitted yo!
Like going nude in Sydney's nudity permitted clothing optional Obelisk Beach.. I am not sure why many have not been/heard, won't you want to try it?

After all, it's PERMITTED! Let me tell you, the awesome possum experience is far greater than there is to be shy about.. Go alone, if going with friends isn't your kind of thing..

Uh.. I'm actually gonna go Australia again for Chinese New Year next year for family holiday.. so no nude and 357 :(((

12 Apostles helicopter ride
If there is a helicopter ride and it will be a life time opportunity to get on it, I will, and I did (at 12 Apostles).. If there is a super cool roller coaster, in fact most roller coasters are super cool, I will get on it..

I've had amazing travel experiences that I never regret spending for.. and it'll not stop here, it will continue to be something I will continue to spend on..

And having said that, I am going on my 16th Bangkok trip this weekend.. my last trip was 2 years ago, it's about time again yo lol! Although I have been contemplating on taking on a cooking class while I am there, I am still unsure if I would want to, mainly because the menu isn't something I can't make..

I guess I'll just leave Bangkok as what it should be - a "gay city"..


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Japanese galore

I had dinner in Minori in Royal Bintang Damansara Hotel recently with the bf.. I did not know of this place mainly because it's a little of out of my "affordability" scale.. but since he suggested we should try it, I agreed..

Mind you, it does not come cheap..

These are my portions cos I didn't take photos of his portion lol

My verdict:
Food quality: 5 thumbs up
Service: 4 thumbs up (cos they weren't very attentive)
Price: $$$$
Overall: 4/5

Friday, 10 July 2015

Sushi Tsen

A little less than 15 years ago, I swear off Japanese food cos I don't eat.. But once tried now I'm hooked onto Japanese cuisine! 

Like every week I have to eat something Japanese lol!!

Tonight I tried Sushi Tsen in Atria Shopping Gallery.. 

I dined by myself cos the boyfriend is in Amsterdam at the moment.. And I ordered 5 kinds of sashimi, oyako don and soft shell crab.. Here's what I think.. 

Oyako don at RM11.80 before GST looks just like any where else, portion is big and it's okay.. No comments whatsoever..

Next is soft shell crab.. A very far cry from the "illustration purposes only" menu.. At RM16.80 before GST, it's pricey and not tasty at all.. Too much batter and hey, why did they use tempura batter again!??

The 5-kinds of sashimi.. It's good and worth the RM29.80 before GST.. The pieces are thick and fresh..

As I finish off my meal, I can't help but notice this..

For a long time, that piece of cloth and the soap spray lies on the floor.. And this the is the same cloth that is used to wipe the tables "clean"..

I don't know what to think..

But I think I just proven the 5 second or 3 second rule don't apply anymore.. Let's just say, while you dine in Sushi Tsen, any food that drops onto the table, please throw it away..

My verdict:
Service: 5 thumbs up 
Food quality: 3 thumbs up
Portion: depends. Sushi plates are tiny but you can't complain for the price of RM1.80/RM2.80/RM3.80 a plate.. I'll give it 3 thumbs up. 
Price: depends. Some are worth it, some not. I'll give it 3 thumbs up also..

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

More Cancellations at Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines drops Istanbul service (MH30/MH31) effective 24 August..

With this, its European destinations remains for London, Amsterdam and Paris while flights to Dubai looks safe for now, all flights intended for Istanbul is rerouted via Dubai as we learnt.. Paris will be downgraded from Airbus 380 to Boeing 777-200ER, thus putting 2 Airbus 380 into extra (which is said to be sold/leased or going to Sydney - nothing is cast in stone yet as of now)..

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Aussie Specialist

Finally one of the most valuable certification I have, is now in physical certificate form!

The framed certificate arrived today to my office in the mail, and after more than a year of me passing the course.. an annual recertification is required to keep the status active..

In the Aussie Specialist Program, there are 23 modules to sit for and attain a minimum of 90% pass to graduate.. each module is a pre-requisite before moving on to the next one..


  • Module 1 About Australia
  • Module 2 ACT & Canberra
  • Module 3 New South Wales
  • Module 4 Northern Territory
  • Module 5 Queensland
  • Module 6 South Australia
  • Module 7 Tasmania
  • Module 8 Victoria
  • Module 9 Western Australia
  • Module 10 Australia's Big Cities
  • Module 11 Aboriginal Australia
  • Module 12 Nature in Australia
  • Module 13 Australia's Outback
  • Module 14 Aussie Coastal Lifestyle
  • Module 15 Australian Journeys
  • Module 16 - reading -
  • Module 17 Meetings & Incentives
  • Module 18 Accommodations
  • Module 19 - Itinerary Planning (assignment) -
  • Module 20 Group Tour Planning
  • Module 21 Group Tour Managing
  • Module 22 Experimental Luxury - Aussie Lifestyle
  • Module 23 Restaurant Australia
In each module, there are examinable questions from as little as 7 questions to as many as 30 questions.. 

At the end of the course, I have to submit my assignment which the questions (I was told) can be random.. you are given a scenario and work out the itinerary planning for the question, by applying all that is learnt in the course.. 

After that, one is deemed to have passed and is certified Specialist.. As a specialist, I attend each of Tourism Australia's events be it by the national tourism board or the respective state tourism branch.. 

And that is how this came in the mail :) 

So who's up for Australia? 

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