Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Having a room mate be like...

I used to have room mates up to the time I was working in Singapore and sharing a room with a colleague.. We each have our own corners of the room and because we were working in the retail industry, we don't get to meet or talk much other than sleeping time as we had to work retail hours, sometimes extended hours during the festives..

Before that, I used to also share rooms when in Melaka and Cyberjaya MMU respectively.. In Melaka, I stayed in the private student residence across the road from MMU Melaka.. In the residence there were 12 of us, 3 to a room.. From the experience and time of sharing the sleeping abode with people, I have come to appreciate what little privacy there is.. Having said that, I have no qualms whatsoever going about my business, like stripping to changing, or sleeping naked if I want to.. I also could watch porn in the room if I want to, because well, nobody gives a shit about one another especially during student days, either them be busy with their books or busy playing Counter Strike, Starcraft etc.. Also, the fact that we all guys walk around the apartment in our underwear mostly.. That in itself is a clear good sign that nobody give a fucking damn thing about covering up.. Boys will be boys..

(no, there was never an occasion of public wanking or masturbating in the room... we all knew to use the toilets...)

While in Cyberjaya, we rented condominiums beside the university.. for much of my time in Cyberjaya, I didn't have room mates and paid the rental for the whole room myself..

It was also during student days that I was robbed of my wallet by the room mate.. As there was no concrete proof (nobody saw, nobody was caught and there was no break-in), the police came and conducted investigation but couldn't arrest anyone.. and advised me to just report as "lost".. Because ironically, I have just collected the month's rental from everyone that very night to be banked-in to the landlord the next day, but I was wise enough not to put the cash in my wallet.. Went to bed, and the next morning, my wallet was gone, along with everything in it.. I suspected the "thief" knew I had with me lots of cash that night, only that he didn't know where it was..

Once I have my own place - people often ask me why don't I rent out the extra rooms I have.. The reason is simple - I AM DONE WITH SHARING MY LIVING SPACE WITH OTHERS! All the more my place is fully furnished and fully equipped with the things I want at home..  It's cosy enough that I usually just doze off on the couch, easier to fall asleep too!

(if you have stayed overnight with me, you will know how cosy it is my couch! Confirm can fall asleep one!)

I appreciate and look forward to each long day in peace and quiet times and slowly easing into lazy mode to bedtime.. Watching tv, snacking healthy snacks and drinking good stuffs.. that's all I need..

Friday, 18 September 2015

Finolhu - A Club Med like no other

Club Med introduces Finolhu Villas, the new high-end flagship offer in Asia Pacific with its concept of “Luxury Villas & Chalets”, located in the Maldives, the world’s hottest destination for honeymooners and it is just 5-minute speed boat ride from the existing Club Med Kani Premium Resort.

Featuring 52 villas in total with views of sunrise and sunset, each comes with a private pool and terrace. Each villa is remarkably integrated into the natural surroundings, using a palette of colours including ocean blue, green, and orange.

A personal butler will take care of all the day-to-day details as well as preparing breakfast, afternoon tea and exclusive dinner or booking luxury spa treatment by British Organic brand ILA. 

Apart from the newly built fine dining restaurant, bar and swimming pool, the Finolhu Villas guests can also enjoy a wide variety of watersports and activities such as scuba diving and kayaking at the adjacent Kani Premium Resort. Club Med All-Inclusive holiday and intimate services create guests a sweet and truly unforgettable experience.

• Staying on a beautifully preserved, private island
• Relaxing on a beach stretching over a thousands yards along the coast, or admiring underwater life
• Enjoying the luxury comforts of your Villa with your own private pool
• Enjoying the tailor made services of your own dedicated Villa Host (butler)
• Devoting time to health and beauty at Club Med Spa by ILA

All-Inclusive Package Price includes the following
* Accommodation on Twin-sharing * 3 International buffet meals daily with unlimited flow of wines, beers, aerated drinks & other beverages. * Bar & Snacking Inclusive that offers free flow of drinks all day served by glasses at all the Resort’s Bars with international brand of spirits, wines, cocktails, fresh fruit juices (excludes premium spirits, bottled wines & champagnes) with finger food and light meals. * Sport facilities with tuition & equipment.

More pictures of Club Med Finolhu.

To download the brochure >> HERE <<

Book your Club Med Finolhu packages from me.

AirAsia flies direct from Kuala Lumpur to Male, Maldives four times a week, while Singapore Airlines flies via Singapore daily. Prices start from RM7610/person for 3N stay.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Slide The City Malaysia!

So Slide The City has arrived in Malaysia!

It's a 1000ft long water slide laid out on the road and you just slide on it, for one time, three times or unlimited times..

Registration is now open for those who have pre-registered for the interests to be the firsts to purchase the tickets.. I did, but the fact that the location is in Putrajaya is already a turn off for me, it's so damn far, about 50km away or 1 hour plus drive in normal traffic.. Furthermore, the tickets aren't exactly what we are hoping for..

Tickets are allotted based on sessions on the day chosen..

(but anyway I still bought the tickets.. FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF IT)

Ticket prices.
Now starting at "Loyalty" already.. .

Are you going?

Public sales begin 22 Sept onwards.. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Birthday Parties

A friend posted a status update in Facebook today regarding to bringing presents to birthday parties.. It got me thinking..

Really. do people not bring present anymore to birthday parties?

Maybe we have all grown up, and parties may sound like something for the kids.. But a present is still a present, in my humble opinion..

I used to organised my own birthday parties until one year I heard nasty comments from sour people that I only organise to get presents.. Well, if you have to think that way, maybe that's why you are not invited..

I used to love entertaining and I used to love parties at home, whether mine or others.. I used to have gatherings almost every other weekend.. But that was before..

It got me thinking - by me withdrawing from social life, I have essentially withdrew myself from most parties.. Those that I go to, it's very selective and it's because of the host.. I don't host gatherings and parties at home anymore..

Maybe as we grew older, we tend to appreciate the sanctuary of our own homes more.. I would certainly enjoy a quiet time by myself doing the things I like.. or I'd be out somewhere..

I may want to prove social critics wrong.. maybe I should organise my next year's birthday party.. but the sad thing is, my birthday most often would coincide with Chinese New Year.. and next year it will be about a week before CNY, most probably people would have started leaving town already, and in 2017, it's on the actual day..

It may be in one of those bar kinda environment.. I am not opening up my home.. Then again, the idea of an adult birthday parties would most likely involve heavy drinking.. I don't drink (much, or beer)..

If I organise, would you come?

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Malaysians everywhere around the world, showed support for BERSIH in many of their own ways. 

This one caught my attention. 

Never expected to see this! Haha... Pic courtesy of The Malay Mail. 

And oh, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and wife made an appearance at Dataran Merdeka at 7.20pm earlier..

Earlier, he swiped a sarcastic remark at that piece of shit "kalau bangsat itu pergi, kita tak bangsat" (if that asshole/son of a bitch/etc goes, we won't be screwed like this).

Salam BERSIH and Selamat Hari KEMERDEKAAN! 

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Of late, we hear this word being uttered here and there, by people from the streets to the prime minister himself..

Bangsat - a derogatory Malay word for mother-fucker, asshole, son of a bitch and the likes, are used to label someone who is a disgrace to society.. 

Apparently, the prime minister himself used the word to say that if the ruling party falls, everyone falls.. Quite true actually but if the people are bangsat, it's because the leader who caused it puts us there, won't the leader then become a bigger bangsat than all of us combined? But for a person of high office to use such foul language is really unbecoming, and it shows on the personality and calibre..

Fact: Malaysia can still survive without him, without the ruling party.. Perhaps we'll fare and go even further.. I wish for a better Malaysia..

We have had too many bangsat trying to outdo one another with their stupidity that waking up everyday is akin to going to the circus to see clowns perform - and rightly so..

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To all Gorgeous Fitness members, here's my take on your gym..

2 weeks ago, 1Shamelin mall management shut down the power to Gorgeous Fitness.. Plenty of angry members and Facebook keyboard warriors took to social media to pen their frustrations.. I can only feel them and agreed..

The gym defaulted over RM700K in rental and over RM70K in utilities bill.. where is the money they collected upfront from the members? People have been complaining they are paying thousand and thousands over a contracted period of time.. Do your own math..

On the part of the mall management, they have been very lenient and by not sealing up the outlet, it shows that they are still open to negotiations, which GF repeatedly ignored.. I used to work in IKANO (now IPC Shopping Centre) and when a tenant defaults rent or utilities, we sealed the outlet for good and serve eviction notice and haul them to court.. Easier said than done, right? Shutting power supply is only the very first step..

On part of Gorgeous Fitness, LesMills have terminated their licenses recently over complaints of non-payment to instructors.. I used to teach BODYCOMBAT in GF in Brem Mall in the early days when they took over WOW Fitness, and then I took on more classes in Puchong and Southgate branches, but as payments have been really slow even back then, I even have to call the accountant myself to chase for my cheques payments myself as the group exercise managers were lousy and incompetent to look after their instructors, I decided to decline teaching there.. I also agreed that facilities are not well maintained..

This is not the first gym that suffered this fate.. We have had Synargym in Sooka Sentral (MRCB shut them down, defaulted on rent), TM Fitness (Majlis Perbandaran Klang shut them down, illegally operating without license and even had the cheek to say renovation, power cut and a whole lot of bullshits), and the latest was E-Fitness in Subang Jaya which d
id not pay its instructors yet the gym is still operating, recruiting and selling memberships and group coupons online..

My advise to gym members and those who is looking for a gym.. Go with the big brothers.. Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness.. no doubt these gyms cost more, but have a piece of mind, knowing that nothing much can go so wrong.. Only once in a while you get some stupid policy or some staff or some members doing stupid things and kaboom...

I have introduced a lot of people into Fitness First ever since I switched from Celebrity Fitness, and I did not regret my decision to dump Celeb and move over to FF..

As for Anytime Fitness, yes - the gym is 24 hours and backed by a global name BUT each outlet is individually owned and franchised, as with ANY franchised business, the common rules apply..

There is nothing gorgeous about Gorgeous Fitness.. except the fact that I take pity on Calvin Hee..

Terminate your membership and move to other gyms..

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