Thursday, 21 May 2015

What we know so far in 1MDB

1 Malaysia Dalam Bahaya.

Much and lots more have been written, debated, rebutted, brushed aside and swept under about this controversial "sovereign" wealth fund under the one and only no other than Najib himself..

As it is, RM42,000,000,000 (thats RM42 billion) in debts.. this amount is just too large for the average Malaysian on the streets to even imagine, let alone understand the impact, as seen from their blind vote and support for Najib..

Why is it yours and my problem? This is what we know so far of PUBLIC MONEY that has been used or touched in 1MDB.. As a Malaysian, your money is as good as gone..

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ops Warta and you

Starting 19 May, police is going all out to nab traffic offenders for unpaid summons of every kind.. I was made to understand that AES (automatic enforcement system) is not one of it.. This is because since 2012, AES has been frozen but JPJ is still continuing on issuing speed tickets, cos they are hoping that when the court lifts the freeze, they will be able to collect the fines..

The controversy about AES is that law enforcing should be done only by the law enforcement agencies and not a for-profit private entity, a third party company which will get RM16 for every summon paid.. This was very hotly debated to the point the Attorney General through the court, froze all courts proceedings - which means that it is an white elephant now, and hundreds of millions (was it RM700million?) down the drain..

The rule of thumb is - if you have an AES summon (whether pre or post dated 18 Sept 2012), you do not have to pay it owing to the frozen court proceeding, unless that freeze is lifted, the summons do not mean anything to anyone.. It is as good as wipe backside paper..

However, should one day the freeze be lifted and ruled that all offenders to pay, then please pay.. Or that we all hoped and wished that the summons will be cancelled and written off and those who have paid be refunded, that is the struggle and fight of all Malaysians..

This matter is very deep in my heart for me... cos I have one AES summon dated August 2013 for that one stupid AES near Slim River NSE North Bound..

Yes, that VERY AES we all know..

The AES camera near Slim River. 
Photo undated - unable to confirm if it's still there. Last I past by, it wasn't there anymore. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Yet another one going

News broke out that the latest Fitness First branch to be closed down is Fitness First Menara MBF along Jln Sultan Ismail, in the light of the ever aggressive expansion of CHI Fitness, Celebrity Fitness and newcomer Anytime Fitness..

One of the older FF branch, it will shut its doors for good end of next month.. This came after FF Menara Summit in Subang Jaya closed on 30 April.. With this closure, it will bring FF down to just
12 branches..

I don't usually go to FF MBF because of a few reasons..

  • old (but to be fair, more than half the machines are new, and it is among the first to have personal training floor space)
  • expensive parking (hourly rates, evenings and weekends RM5/entry)
  • horrible traffic (you can be stuck on Jln Sultan Ismail itself for at least an hour in the evening rush hour)
No doubt it's closer to Pavilion via the airconditioned elevated pedestrian skybridge, it's too close to Avenue K branch, which has been recently refurbished and upgraded to Platinum.. 

LESMILLS has been doing many a quarterly metro workshop in FF MBF and this Quarter 2 Metro Workshop which will be held end of May will be the last workshop this branch will see.. 

And of course, this FF is also reputedly one of the more cruisy branch.. ^_^

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Another big ticket item purchase

After 8 years of my old Samsung washing machine working tirelessly weekly, it finally gave up.. Hence I have to replace it..

Shopped around with the women in my family in tow, finally settled for yet another Samsung washer.. and yes, paying cash for it, cos I decided not to swipe cards.. It's a decision I made after taking into accounts the additional credit card charges and also because I am learning not to rely on credit cards so much, especially for big ticket items.. So it's more spending on cash now..

Financial management is real shit, let me tell you that.. if you keep on swiping your cards, one day you will have to swipe your butt to pay them off..

The washer came today, and after running a complete cycle to flush the washer of dirts, I made my first wash.. it's so much quieter and with plenty of new features that I will have to spend sometime to explore the functions..

Thursday, 7 May 2015

And a new Sultan was enthroned

Yesterday saw the enthronement of the 35th Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah and the Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim..

You can take me out of Ipoh but you cannot take Ipoh out of me.. Once an Ipoh boy, always an Ipoh boy, despite the fact that I now permanently live in the federal capital in the suburb of Petaling Jaya to the west of the capital.. I've also changed my permanent address to enable me to cast my vote in the constituency that I live in and exercised my citizenry rights the first time in the last general elections, rather than in Ipoh..

Who knows once day maybe when I'm retired I will move back to Ipoh? LOL...

Daulat Tuanku.. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

505 2 years on, Malaysia does not forget


A significant number in the history of Malaysian politics..
And one that has left an impact in the majority of Malaysians who voiced out against election fraud

505 stands for May 5..

On 5 May 2013, more than 11 million Malaysians exercised our citizenry rights to vote for a fair and clean government.. We gave mandate and popular vote to Pakatan Rakyat, the rightful winner of the national elections but thanks to a series of bizarre events and incidents, the results were overturned in favour of the other coalition..

I was at Pakatan Rakyat final rally the night before at Kelana Jaya Stadium, braving the drizzle and listened to the ceramah, after all, that's what being Malaysian is all about.. coming together as one, and as a Malaysian, not by race..

8 May - more than 120,000 people had gathered in Kelana Jaya Stadium to protest against election fraud.. causing the entire LDP to come to a complete standstill while the rally was on.. People parked on the highway and walked, but nobody complained - it was a hope that was to be dashed by dirty elections that ruled in favour of those lesser-popular power-to-be soon after..

This is a Malaysian Tsunami.. not a Chinese Tsunami as claimed by Najib
Photo credits to the original photographer

It's real.. Sunway Toll Plaza, some 4 kilometres away..
Photo credits to the original photographer..

And at the stadium.. 

2 years later, many other things have since happened that saw dissent being silenced by hook or by crook as we also saw tonnes of billions of our hard earned money flushed down the drain just like that (of course, into the pockets of some people at the expense of the country)..

But we will never forget..

The 14th General Election is only but a half way away.. If dirty elections would have its way again, we are lost.. but if a fair elections sees the day, it will go down as one of the most important date in Malaysian history.. we shall rise..

Just wait and see..

Malaysia never forgets..

Friday, 1 May 2015

Was it a dream?

credits: stockphoto
"You two dating ah" mom asked.

"Yes" I said, sheepishly, in front of everybody.

He was in his best dress, nicely groomed.. as he sat close to me, occasionally brushing and messing up my hair. approaching mid-thirties, we are not young anymore - so are the parents.. The family had dropped in for a visit.. The atmosphere was light and cheerful, there was lots of talking and laughing.. 

I woke up to find in a very strange feeling.. it was only a dream, so I have come to realise.. how I wished one day, maybe, just one day.. mom will openly acknowledge this son of hers is only interested in men.. 

If only..

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