Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Birthday Wishlist

Everyone has their own wishlist when it comes to birthday presents.. Some get them, some don't, but there's no harm in wishing, because like in fairy tales, dreams do come true.. err.. in this case, wishes may come true!

My birthday has just recently passed, on the first day of Chinese New Year, to be exact.. it coinciding with CNY means no gatherings because everyone was away in their hometowns, busy with CNY preparations, fulfilling filial duties by spending time with family.. so yeah, my birthday was an especially remarkably low-key event..

So low-key that I didn't even buy myself any present.. birthday came and gone, and so I cast aside my wishlist only to chance upon it again recently, and I thought, no harm sharing it out because it will just remain a wishlist..

My first and only laptop which I bought during my college days have died on me after servicing me for a good 10 years, a very long lifespan for a laptop.. Without a laptop, there's nothing much I can do (what else, watch movies, go online, some Microsoft Office works etc).. Nowadays I hardly go online at home or do stuffs because staring at a small smartphone isn't that smart, after all..

Was browsing around during the CNY break because I was so bored and found a very value-for-money ASUS laptop on Lazada, a Shopback merchant.. I don't need a fancy gadget, I just need a basic one to help me accomplish what I needed to do without spending too much..

Retailling at RM1649, it offers me the basic functionality I need .. Through Shopback, there's a savings of 2% or RM32.98 for electronics goods for existing customers, enough to cover the shipping fee and a McDonald's large meal and still have loose change to spare..

The boyfriend and I have been talking about spending "summer holidays" in Tokyo this year since the both of us are tied busy during the beginning of the year.. but looking at the outrageous hotel rates in Tokyo despite summer months being relatively "low-season", we're beginning to have second thoughts about the length of the trip.. Then I remembered Expedia being a Shopback merchant, offers rebates of 8% for hotel bookings!

With each night costing hundreds of ringgit for a simple no-frills room (urgh, we all know how expensive hotels in Tokyo can be!), this turns out to be a wonderful consideration as for every hundred ringgit spent on hotel, we get to save RM8.. or well, 8%..

Looking at how we plan to stay a week or two in Tokyo, the amount of savings do add up to a few hundred ringgit! How cool is that, and where else can you get cashback by spending?

Young adults like us shop online and book our travels online, and we've all used Expedia at one point or another of our lives.. Why not book on Expedia through Shopback and earn the cashback?

People buy new clothes for CNY, or gifts for others or themselves on their birthdays.. For me, it's neither.. I was away travelling before CNY and didn't have the time to shop, and knowing that my birthday would coincide with CNY, all the more there's no need for me to get new clothes since all I do was to sit around at home watching television munching away on the snacks and spending time with family..

There was just no need for me to dress up, since I didn't have to visit anyone or have anyone visiting..

But just once, maybe, to have something nice for birthday is just lovely.. I am in love with Daniel Wellington watches which is available through Shopback merchant: Zalora.. The Chinese believe in not giving watches or clock for birthday as it is pantang, so looks like I'll have to get it myself..

It is selling for RM760 on Zalora and with the Shopback cashback, it turns out I get to save RM22.80 which means the watch is going for RM737.20 only..

After all, all men should have invest in at least one pair of expensive watch which will look presentable and fashionable at official functions and job interviews..

One of my favourite pastimes is making beautiful photobooks for my travel photos as I travel wide and far every year, I prefer to make them into photobooks so that I can always bring them around and share my travel photos with people I meet which in turn becomes conversational starters at parties and gatherings.. A usually awkward silence is saved by having interesting things to talk about..

Not that I've gone much places, but whenever I travel to a place, I stayed for a while and live like the locals do, except Bangkok maybe, that's like a second hometown to me..

I also make it a point to travel to new country each year, or at least visit a new city each year..

With the constant travelling and the desire to make them into photobooks, I buy my Photobook vouchers via Shopback, to take advantage of the cashback earnings of 6% across the board.. there's various sizes and various materials of photobooks to choose from, canvas, large prints, collectibles and gift items and even pillow cases!

The Photobook Designer software is a must for serious photobooker like me, because doing it online just doesn't make the cut.. and once its done, it's just a few minutes of running the auto check and upload it.. And Photobook will QC it and get it to print right after.. Once done, it is then packed nicely and couriered, of course, I have to bear the courier fees, but that's alright, not complaining..

It has taken the world by storm, and some people even gone crazy over couponing.. Thank goodness in Malaysia, there's no such frenzy, but Groupon has brought group buying to another level giving substantial savings as it leverages on bulk purchase for the merchant..

I first knew Joel and his pioneer team in the early days of Groupon Malaysia but I never thought of joining Groupon.. Early days of Groupon has heard quite a fair bit from me and Joel personally responded to some of the issues I've raised.. Now let's just leave this here..

On 21 Feb 11pm, Groupon Malaysia becomes Fave by Groupon after being acquired by KFIT, whose founder is, yeah, Joel.. It is really no surprise to the retailing industry actually..

I am sure everyone is familiar with how to purchase Groupon.. Fave is no different, except that you now get 4.5% cashback buying through Shopback as Fave is a Shopback merchant..

If I were to get something from Fave, it will definitely be the dining deals, as I love to eat! Look at all those yummy buffets and what not!!! The amount of buffets I can eat is not a question, feed me and I'm a happy boy.. so I can just keep buying the buffet deals and be fat alone..

For first purchase on Fave, you get 15% off and an additional 4.5% which is through Shopback, now don't you agree how much you're actually saving in the end?


As I have proven and calculated above, Shopback lets you earn cashback when you shop through Shopback.. but what is Shopback and how does it work?

It is so simple that anyone can just start earning real cash!

How It Works?
ShopBack lets you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus Cashback! Cashback is really just "getting cash back" - When you spend online through ShopBack, they give you a portion of your purchase back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!

How does Cashback work?
Shopback merchants reward them with a commission for referring YOU to shop on their site. Instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, they share it with you, in real cold cash, that is!
(if the below image is too small, go to their website at

I have been a very strong supporter and loyal customer of Shopback.. There's times when there's double cashback or upsized cashback, or extra cashback when you use Shopback App, or special deals at certain times, so take advantage of all these to upsize your earnings, and before long, you'll see money rolling in like craazzzyyyyy...

I'm serious!

Need I say more?
Sign up for a Shopback account now and start shopping, and hey, you can shop for other people also through your Shopback or refer them, and earn bonus cashback!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Shopback!  :)

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