Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Matta Fair - March Edition 2015

It's here people.. Matta Fair 2015 is dawning upon us this Friday, and maybe you want to ask me what are the better deals?

Well, apart from certain destinations on Malaysia Airlines, I also think that Club Med is actually quite affordable (in the sense that not only has the rates been revised, most resorts have a flat 35-45% discount, which is quiet a lot), except for Cherating whereby if you stay after April 1, there'll be GST imposed on your room and service charges, but will not have the government tax component..

Speaking of which, I am actually going to Club Med Cherating next month! Wooohoo!! My first ever Club Med vacay and it's free :p

Many places are really within my reach this year, if I can hold off not going anywhere for the entire year until Christmas..

I have initially planned to go to London for Christmas and New Year's countdown but recently people have been psycho-ing me into going Prague instead.. I have about 2 weeks to spare so I thought, really, why not!

Prague seems a lot more affordable but to get there is a bane since Malaysia Airlines does not fly to Prague, only to Frankfurt, thereafter I will need to go by rail or fly..

Weighing what could I do in Prague especially on Dec 24 when everything there is closed, I thought I could join a local Czech family for their Christmas dinner.. do I know any Czech? Well kind of, but on professional basis - not personal basis.. Unless I began to actively search on some gay dating site and get to know some locals first haha..

If Prague is to come true, it will be my first time celebrating Christmas in a western/European atmosphere.. I've celebrated Christmas in Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei but it's not the same.. it's just not the same cos these cities are sooooo Asian.. lol..

Let us not forget too that Prague is one of the must-go cities for gays like us :)

Besides, I have never been to eastern Europe or UK, maybe I should!

Have you been to Prague?

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